"I so appreciate that you took the time to come to P.S. 99 and present such a worthwhile educational assembly. I was quite surprised at some of the responses you received from the students and how invaluable the presentation was for them. Thank you for enlightening us. It will be instrumental in helping the students use technology effectively and safely."

-Paulette Foglio, Principal of P.S. 99 Kew Gardens, Queens, NY

"We had a great response to Don’t Press Send through the pledge that went home. Many of the students said they had conversations with their parents about what they could do when on social media. It was a good reminder for parents to have a conversation about acceptable behavior when online. Your presentation was so relevant for kids today who don’t always think about the implications of what they do online. It is so important to teach children to be mindful and empathetic of what they are doing when using their devices."

-Stacy McCally, Guidance Counselor at Springs Elementary School, East Hampton, NY

"The Don't Press Send presentation was eye-opening and a conversation starter for students, parents and the community at large. Katie did a great job tailoring the presentation toward the specific group she was presenting to."

-Brittany Miaritis, Assistant Principal of Pierson Middle School, Sag Harbor, NY

"I applaud the grassroots efforts of the Don't Press Send Campaign."

-Dr. Noreen Leahy, Assistant Superintendent of Rockville Centre Public Schools, Rockville Centre, NY

"I had my students reflect and write about what they learned from the workshop. I cannot thank you enough! Their writing is filled with the powerful message that you were trying to convey. I am so thankful for your visit!"

-Meredith Richter, Teacher at Alden Terrace Elementary, Valley Stream, NY

"We can't say it enough - kids need to know how what the ramifications are and just as important, how to consider others' feelings. What you write can be misconstrued and/or hurtful. Just Don't Press Send. Take a minute and think before you click. The presentation at SSMS was fabulous and the students gained so much knowledge and wisdom."

-Rosemarie Cammarata, Assistant Principal at South Side Middle School, Rockville Centre, NY

"Katie, thanks again for a great presentation. Everyone really liked the message. The students and faculty have not stopped talking about it."

-Ellen Goltzer, Teacher and SADD advisor at Great Neck South Middle School, Great Neck, NY

"Today, our youth has access to smartphones and computers at an early age. While every technology has its benefits, we need the Don't Press Send Campaign to remind our children of the dangerous risks. We applaud their efforts and dedication to protect our children."

-Mayor Francis X. Murray and Deputy Mayor Nancy Howard, Rockville Centre, NY

"Hi Katie! Thank you for visiting Bayville Intermediate today! Your presentation was terrific! This was a great way to be proactive about teaching children appropriate ways to use technology and the dangers of using it in hurtful ways. I'll be sharing this information with my colleagues."

-Scott McElhiney, Principal of Bayville Intermediate School, Locust Valley, NY

"South Side Middle School also took the pledge. Now we all need to follow the example of our students and just Don't Press Send!"

-Shelagh McGinn, Principal at South Side Middle School, Rockville Centre, NY

Making a difference. One presentation at a time.

Don't Press Send has presented to tens of thousands of students, parents, and educators since its inception in 2013. Our "Education in Cyber Civics" provides participants with the guidelines and strategies they need to safely and kindly navigate social media and technology. The "Education in Cyber Civics" has had an enourmous impact nationwide and continues to educate and empower every single day.